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General Rules
  1. No Aggressive Behavior or Flaming in the forum.
  2. Only English Language is Allowed.
  3. Disrespecting Staff Members will lead to Warning or Ban.
  4. No trashing of other people's thread.
  5. No advertising/spamming throughout forum.
  6. Do Not request for staff position, doing so will automatically disqualify you for those positions.
Uploading Rules
  1. All Uploads Must be Done in Appropriate forum.
  2. Thread Must Have One Image , Proper title , Description & Download Links
  3. Use Allowed Image Hosts/Remote Image Uploader for Images.
  4. Use Allowed File Hosts for Download Links
  5. Files Should not Advertise any other sites.
  6. No advertisement of other site is allowed in description.
  7. Add At least 2-3 Download Links.
  8. You have to provide help/support for your uploads to users.
  9. Your Files must be Clean of Virus or any infection.
  10. Download Link Must Provide good download speed.
  11. Advertising other site/Spamming Will lead to Warning or Ban.
  12. Only English Language is allowed in thread title and description.
  13. Do not upload only freeware software's.
  14. No Short Url like adfly , linkshare etc. In Download Links unless approved by administrator.
Request Rules
  1. All Request's Must be Posted in Proper Request Section.
  2. Making Request through Conversation or Shoutbox is not Permitted.
  3. Search for the Software/App in forum before making request.
  4. Don't Create Duplicate Request for same Software/App.
  5. Have patience for your request to be filled.
  6. Make Only One Request Per Software/App Within a Week.
Account Rules
  1. Users may only have one account on site.
  2. Link to other sites are not allowed in member's profile or signature.
  3. Nudity/Pornography Content in username,signature or profile picture strictly banned.
  4. Abusive/offending Usernames won't be tolerated.
  5. All Accounts must have a valid email address, using spam/disposal emails are not permitted.
  6. Duplicate accounts may be removed without prior notice.
  7. Username Can be Changed Only Once, Contact admin to do so.
  8. You cannot delete your account , contact admin if you want to do so.
Shoutbox Rules
  1. No Links to Other Websites
  2. No Arguing in the Shoutbox if you having disagreement take it to pm.
  3. No Swearing in the shoutbox
  4. No discussion of Vulgur/Sexually/ Explicit Topics
  5. No Requests will be taken in shoutbox , use request sections.
  6. Don't fill shoutbox with images/videos , post them in minimum when necessary.
Reply/Comment Rules
  1. Spamming/Advertising in Comments may lead to warning or ban.
  2. Quoting First Post is not allowed.
  3. Only English Language must be used while replying.
  4. Make a Constructive Comments about the thread.
  5. Requests will not be taken from comments , create thread in request section.
  6. Comment should be related to the particular thread only.
  7. For Help/Support regarding a thread send a conversation to thread starter or staff member.
Report Rules
  1. Report option must be used only when needed.
  2. Unnecessary use of Report option will lead to warning.
  3. Don't use Report Option for replying to thread, use reply option for that.
  4. Report only when there is a problem with thread.
  5. Using report unnecessarily multiple times will lead to warning or ban.
All Rules Mentioned Here applies to all Users including staff members. If any rule is not clear to you let me know will make it more clear for you. Rules are necessary for making site clean and safe place , so follow all rules and keep our site clean and safe.